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Ari - Management Consulting & Training

"Dear Ronen, We met a number of years ago as part of your position at the College, I met a real professional with a deep professional understanding of security and organizational ability, which was expressed in the implementation of professional courses in the fields of investigations and security."
Kobi Halal
CEO of WIZO Beit Hakerem
"My acquaintance with Ronen began in the framework of our joint work in the national unit. I found a true partner for reliable, professional, dedicated and highly ethical work."
Rafi Lotan
Senior security adviser
"Ronen is a very honest, reliable and professional person. Ronen will always help both on the professional level and on the personal and friend level. He is kind person who will put the good of the other before his own. A man with a lot of knowledge in the field."
Sahar Margolise
Chief of Staff village of Kissufim

Why Choose Ari - Management Consulting & Training ?

Ari – Management Consulting and Training is prepared to provide the customer professional solution in the form of managing the organization’s security system in order to assist the organization to deal with the existing and future tasks and challenges of the organization.

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