Managing security arrangements and security officer services

The security manager is a police guided position, managing an organizations’ security arrangements, including physical guarding, security through technology, investigation, employee credibility and information security. This position requires safety and security experience on one side and professional understanding and involvement in the organizations’ core business on the other side. Quite a few organizations tend to waive on the position of a security officer or add this responsibility to one of the company’s executives who usually does not have the proper knowledge, training or time to handle the task. It seems to the organization like this saves money and resources, but it usually turns out as a wrong move that comes with its cost and may even cause damage to the organization.

Ari – Management, Consulting & Training, is set to serve customers with the required professional solution of managing the organizations’ security arrangements in order to handle current and future tasks and challenges of maintaining organizations safety & security needs along with keeping its financial goals.Security management is accompanied by a supervisor authorized by the security section of the police force and with logistic and professional assistance of Ari – Management, Consulting & Training.Safety and security activity is conducted according to the organizations’ procedures and day to day needs , without harming regular business activity of the organization and its employees.

Risk Management

Risk management will be carried out in order to assess the level of the organization’s exposure to risks and threats of various types, including economic risks, anti-terrorist risks, criminal risks, and more.

The risk survey is a major and effective tool in the stages of analyzing the threat to the organization and determining the high risk points. The risk survey serves as a basis for determining the manner of allocation and allocation of resources while managing calculated risks and according to cost-benefit considerations. In addition, the survey examines the current activity in terms of physical security in the organization, existing work procedures, prevention of loss and fraud, and the state of the technological security system in the organization and its facilities.In conclusion, we will formulate a summary report detailing the risks, conclusions and recommendations for correcting and improving the current and future situation, with an emphasis on existing and future budgets and resources.

Manpower Security

In contrast to the advantages of the adversary, which stems from the fact that it determines the location of the attack, the date of its execution and its strength, the organization has the ability to prepare in advance for physical security in a manner that will enable it to cope best with the threats.

Assault can be both terrorist and criminal / economic.

The physical security system is a significant element in building the capabilities of the organization’s security system.

In the course of conducting the risk survey, we will work to locate failures and improve the operation of the organization’s security system. Updated Situation Assessment An analysis of the nature of the required activity and correction of the existing deficiencies and the formulation of a future course of action. In order to close the gaps that constitute the weak link in the security chain.

Ari – Management consulting and guidance – plan, formulate, and accompany the security system and the security company of the organization on the basis of professional analysis of the existing threats and field conditions and customer needs. Design and characterization of technological systems for security and protection. An important part of building a security system in secure areas of the organization is the integration of technological systems that complement the personnel system that operates in security missions and in some places even substitute for physical manpower in the area and sometimes even allocates unnecessary resources.

It is important to integrate a technological system that will be an integral part of the initial planning process of the security response.

Ari – Management consulting and guidance – offers professional accompaniment in the field of planning, characterization and construction of a technological system for securing data areas in the organization (entrances, exits, gates, offices, warehouses, branches, stores, vehicles and equipment).

Among the technological means that are found are:

Close-up cameras (fixed, movable, internal, external, remote recording and broadcasting capability, warning of movement in unmanned areas, internet surveillance capability).
Fire and smoke detection systems.
Water, gas and chemical leakage warning systems.
Entry and control systems for employees, attendance by roles and in accordance with customer needs,
Additional technological solutions for supervising agents and foreign workers.

Databases Safety

Known information constitutes a powerful force, leakage of information from databases and employees of the organization may cause large damage, some of which are irreversible.

Both in the professional and in the economic sphere, and may ultimately bring down the organization and its activities.

Partially and deliberately part of the lack of attention of the responsible parties in order to prevent the loss of valuable information including the security of stationary and mobile computers, the maintenance of classified documents and their transfer from one factor to another, the supervision of the accounting department and suppliers, Etc.). Internal security within the compound, prevention of wiretapping (for this purpose, performing listening tests). The security of the databases requires an overall view of the threats and an analysis of the physical storage of data and the quality of information stored among the organization’s senior and junior employees.

In addition to supervising employees who carry laptops and authorized to work from their home.

Ari – Management Consulting and Training – offers a professional service in the area of ​​information security by professionals who will carry out a comprehensive examination that will define the protection envelope required from industrial espionage by competitors, suppliers, employees and more. This is done while conducting internal controls and ongoing supervision and recommendations for maintaining the organization’s databases.

In addition, an examination of existing procedures and implementation of new security procedures in the entire computer system of the organization and its various departments.

Assimilation treatment and work habits in relation to classified material, documents, mail, permissions, training and rules of appropriate conduct.

In addition, an eavesdropping test is carried out in every suspect’s area, which leaks sensitive information, including preventive activity and sudden inspections aimed at locating a time of information leakage.

We also conduct polygraph tests for employees with access to classified material.

Business Intelligence And Industrial Espionage

Business Intelligence is a systematic and ethical program for collecting and analyzing information about competitors’ actions and business and economic trends, from a wide range of sources of information.

The information reveals the competitor’s abilities, both economic and business, as well as future trends and business weaknesses.

The scope of its activity today, its business relations (subsidiaries, related companies, etc.)

The information obtained is capable of influencing current and future business trends and activities, and sets to gain an advantage over the competitor, knowledge of the business environment, market trends, decision-making and ongoing activity.

Information is a powerful force and a strategic asset.

Ari – Management Consulting and guidance – will carry out its activities subject to the instructions of the management of the organization and in full cooperation in order to locate the necessary information in a focused and practical manner and subject to the business strategy of the organization.

The activity will be carried out regularly over various periods of time in order to produce reliable sources of information, production of continuous information, analysis and cataloging of the information, subject to the organization’s instructions and compliance with its needs.

Employees Reliability And Job Applicants

An investigation of employee reliability is a two-faceted investigation:

Investigation of workers working in the organization.
Investigation of employees prior to recruitment to work in the organization.
Reasons for the examination of employees employed in the organization:

A desire to promote a worker to a sensitive position in which he will be exposed to sensitive information, documents, trade secrets, and work with large sums of money.
A desire to promote an employee employed for a position of choice or a change in status to a partner position.
Checking the suspicion of an employee who leaks business information to competitors, steals information, or feels that the employee is lying about hours of work, filling instructions and procedures, or forging certificates.
Suspicion of leakage of information or theft by external agents, field workers, etc.
Employees before hiring in the organization (during the recruitment process)
Reliability check resumes.
Personal and economic background.
Criminal entanglements and involvement in legal proceedings.
Checking personal, family background in order to avoid conflict of interest on personal grounds or contacts with competitors (in order to prevent the introduction of workers).
Among the tests that will be performed in order to diagnose the degree of risk from the employee’s employment is a background check, frontal questioning, polygraph test, installation of technological equipment for monitoring and controlling his daily functioning and conduct and follow-up.

Preventing Theft And Minimizing Depreciation In Organization

Prevention of loss is a comprehensive name for multidisciplinary activity in an organization whose goal is to identify weaknesses in the organization.

With some of the weak points resulting from failures in the various work processes, including:

Administrative errors.
Defective handling of the product chain.
Theft of workers in the organization (cashiers, warehouses, messengers, agents, office workers).

Investigations And Locating Frauds

Large system In the course of the day-to-day activities of the organization, there is sometimes an activity of embezzlement by employees from within the organization.

In cooperation and in the direction of an investigation firm licensed by the Ministry of Justice.

Often through internal and external cooperation, there is a high probability that the system will conduct a broad business activity vis-a-vis many external entities and many internal entities, including various departments and fields in the organization (warehouses, branches, vehicles, external equipment and foreign services)

Furthermore, in such a system in which there is no control and control procedures, the gaps will be discovered by the various entities and the embezzlement and thefts will be carried out.

An employee who carries out the embezzlement will have several reasons for their implementation:

Financial pressure – a difficult financial situation as a result of gambling loans and his criminal entanglement and of family members and associates.
Desire to achieve goals and objectives in the organization, make net money.
Frustration – the result of a lack of advancement in rank and salary, status, a feeling of a gap between the level of the employee’s contribution to the organization and the level of salary the worker expects.
Opportunity – Employee identification of loopholes in the organization’s procedures and finances, free access to assets and their registration and lack of supervision and control, an atmosphere of rounding corners in the procedures, and easy access to employee violations.
Ari-Management Consulting and Training – offers the customer ongoing investigation services and according to an annual work plan and spot investigations at the time of an injury to the company and its property.

At the end of the investigation, a report will be published summarizing the findings and conclusions in order to prevent the recurrence of similar cases and prevent the loss of business / economic organization.

Inspection of the supply chain to prevent thefts.

The supply chain is a set of people, information activities and resources involved in supplying a product or service or production from the company to the end customer.

Any harm caused by any interested party in the supply chain is liable to cause serious damage to the organization from the commercial and economic aspects, as well as morally to the employees of the organization and its management, and to future relationships with customers.

Ari – Management Consulting and Training – offers a variety of services:

Protection and supervision of warehouses, raw materials, finished products, spare parts, supply of raw materials, and supervision of their use (validity, quality).
Supervision of suppliers and relations with warehouse managers and relevant functionaries.
Monitoring existing inventory.
Control of wear, returns and destruction and recycling of recyclable raw materials (multi-year savings)
Locating loopholes and building a defensive process.
Implementation of work procedures and work habits and savings in order to reduce gaps between existing inventory and inventory in stores and branches.
Background investigations of employees and the existence of a regular procedure of incentives and bonuses for efficient and visionary employees who also provide efficient and cost-effective proposals in the organization.


We propose consulting and setting up an organization’s security system, testing the existing infrastructure and improving existing ones.

Characterization of the technological security system, planning and assimilation of security procedures, investigation and work procedures.

Full supervision of the security department in the organization, counseling, training, on-going work with immediate investigative and preliminary assistance in exceptional events and contact with outside parties (police, fire and rescue, local authority, insurance company) And economic aspects of the organization.

Conducting economic investigations and gathering business intelligence on customers, suppliers, competitors and before new commitments.